I wish to instill in you the skills and knowledge to become a better snooker player.  I truly believe anyone is capable of achieving their dreams in this wonderful game if shown the right path.

– Mayur Jobanputra

Do you want to improve?

Ask yourself, “Do I want to go to the snooker table doing the same thing with the same opponents and having the same results, day after day?” Are you ready to break free of your past habits and grow?  It’s going to be difficult without some professional advice to guide you along. I believe that we should continually challenge ourselves in order to grow and improve.

Stephen Hendry didn’t see himself as a one-time champion or a two-time champion.  He wanted it all: seven times in total beating both Ray Reardon and Steve Davis who had 6 wins each.  It takes someone special with a certain way of thinking to achieve that incredible feat. I truly believe anyone can do it (regardless of age) if given the right ingredients.

I think mental approach and our own minds play a pivotal role in how we play snooker. It’s my belief that the act of potting balls is an easy and uncomplicated task – once you get the fundamentals right. Where we often struggle as snooker players is mastering our mind. One of my good friends often says it’s a 12 foot table, but a 6 inch game.  The 6 inches he refers to isn’t between balls but between our ears. It’s our thinking.

Snooker isn’t just about potting balls and scoring, it’s also about pressure, tactics, and control (both of yourself and of your opponent).  Scoring and getting “into the zone” in snooker can become much easier once the opponent feels the pressure from your good safety and tactical play. Both your defense and your offense need to work in tandem.

If you are interested in Snooker Coaching, Advice, Tips, Lesson Plans, or need some qualified advice in Snooker and how to become a better Snooker player, please do get in touch with me. While you can certainly get the advice for free on this blog, only one-on-one coaching dealing with your direct issues will really make a difference in your snooker game.

What I Coach

What are you working on? What areas of snooker do you need coaching, tips or lessons with?  I can offer any combination of snooker plans, advice, one-one-one snooker coaching, telephone-based snooker advice with you about strategies and tactics or helping you prepare for an upcoming match.

Get in touch with by sending an email to mayur@snookerdelight.com and let me know what difficulties you face with snooker right now. Maybe it’s beating a previous high break on the snooker table, or not having enough consistency when you play snooker, or perhaps your mental approach to snooker isn’t quite right. I have helped others understand and learn more about snooker and become better players and I’m sure I can help you as well.

One very useful way to get good feedback is to send me a video of yourself. Typically, I analyze the video and then place it on Youtube. You can see an example of a video review here:




How I Coach

It’s usually beneficial if you send me some initial background of yourself, and show me some recorded snooker videos of yourself on the practice and match table.  Each snooker student has challenges they are working to overcome. Sometimes, a student stays with me for several sessions or months learning and growing, and other times, I only need to spend a shorter amount of time to help someone overcome a specific challenge in their game.

I tailor Snooker coaching services for each student as there are too many variables that can change. My approach depends on how far you are willing to go and what you believe you are capable of. It’s my job to challenge you, make you uncomfortable, and ultimately, make you better.

Get Started

Whatever level of play you are at right, get in touch by sending an email to mayur@snookerdelight.com and let me know your current situation and where you need help.  I offer a fair rate on one-on-one snooker coaching.  My primary objective is not on the money but on making you better and a more complete player!