Here are some good links to find more information about Snooker Clubs, and Snooker Cue Makers. If you would like your information on this page, send an email to with your club or cue making business information.

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Snooker cue makers (in no particular order):

*Contacts can be found in The Snooker Forum, go here

American pool cue makers (in no particular order):

Snooker Clubs in Canada

If you are in Richmond, BC, Canada head over to High Break Billiards.  It’s where I currently play.

Snooker Governing Bodies and Associations

International Snooker Web Sites

  • – A Hungarian amateur snooker website. The web site shows snooker results, player descriptions, information on snooker tournaments, and Hungarian-language news from the world of snooker.

Other Useful Resources

Snooker News

  • – 110 Sport TV is a site dedicated to bringing you the very latest snooker news from a variety or news sources around the web. We compile breaking news from a wide variety of sources and bring it all together in one place. So you no longer need to hunt around for the latest snooker news because you know you’ll find everything you need right here.

Want your info on this page?  Send an email to mayur @ with your club or cue making business information.