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Flow State, Meditation, and the Chaotic Billiard Room

I discovered something useful tonight about happiness..flow state..and the fragile and sensitive nature of our beautiful game I often go to play at the local pool hall. I get immense joy playing and competing, when I’m playing well. For me, snooker is as as close to meditation and flow state as I know. Well next to […]

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Tony Fun – Interview with a Canadian Snooker Player

I had the pleasure to interview Tony Fun, a close friend, and someone I have learned a great deal of snooker from. Tony has been a competitive snooker player since the 1970’s, is a century runner that visited England, played with Peter Ebdon, and was the recipient of Marco Fu’s first 147 maximum break. Enjoy the interview and please do leave some comments in the article comments section.

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Snooker Breakbuilding Tips and How To – 62 Break Explained

Breakbuilding is crucial to your success in snooker and other cue sports. The best way to win in cue sports is to clear up all the balls. I have been working on my break building for many years and have finally started knocking in several 50+ breaks. I was at my friends last night – […]

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How to Fix your Cue Action and Stance – Analysis of Duane

A commenter, Duane, asked me a number of questions recently as you can see at the following comments on a few of my articles. Duane sent me some videos of himself playing on a pool table and I provided a bunch of feedback through analysis and assessment of his cue action. If you are looking […]

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Knowing when you might miss a shot

We all miss shots. Missing a shot is something you need to learn to accept, evaluate, and eliminate. Missing shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing, but instead as a learning experience that provides you the necessary feedback to improve. Getting Upset I see players that miss shots and then are upset with themselves. It’s […]

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Reader Question: How to deal with new cloth on the snooker table

A reader asked me the question: What would I notice as different if I were to play on a good Simonis cloth? They are putting a Simonis cloth on the snooker table where I play this week. I live in Michigan. It is very difficult to even find a Billiard Parlor with a snooker table. […]

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Request for Next Article

Hello Loyal Subscribers! I’m getting read to spend some time writing a bunch more articles over the next few months. I really have enjoyed your comments and feedback and I’m getting excited about doing some great articles this year to provide more information and education on the game we all love!  I don’t spend enough […]

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How to Win in Snooker

Everyone has their own theories on how snooker should be played. I’m of the opinion that scoring heavily truly is the recipe for success. Break building is something every snooker player should aspire to work on. By scoring heavily you ensure success for several reasons: Your opponent has no chance of scoring Your opponent can’t […]

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Review of Saeed’s Cue Action and Review

When asked I review the cue action of people that get in touch with me on Skype or email. Email and Skype are OK, but I prefer to see videos because I can see what is going on. See this video below of Saeed who got in touch with me and asked me for help. […]

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Tutorial: How to stop missing certain angles in snooker

There will always be some shots in snooker that you will consistently miss. I have put a lot of thought into why I miss shots over many years of playing. Often, when I leave the table after a missed shot, I try to recreate the shot in my head to see if there was something […]

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The current state of Snooker cues from China

Snooker is quickly becoming an international game.  For the longest time, it was a game dominated by players from the British Isles – England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales – but it’s not that way anymore. Now there is a strong following in Germany, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India and many other countries.  It’s even gaining […]

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Snooker Success Principles and Shot Selection – Part 3

I started this topic in a previous blog post because I had a visitor comment about some difficulties he faces over shot selection and execution. Namely, Taking shots they aren’t 100% committed to. Consciously missing shots by thinking about missing vs thinking about making. Being stuck in a rut of not stepping back and analyzing the current situation […]

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Playing Poorly? Is it your Snooker cue?

Are you concerned your cue isn’t up to snuff?  Do you think it’s too light, too heavy, too narrow, or thick, or the wrong tip size? Read on and measure your cue up against my recommendations below. Snooker requires a delicate, consistent, and precise acceleration of your cue. There are some basic characteristics of a […]

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Snooker Success Principles and Shot Selection – Part 2

I started this topic in a previous blog post because I had a visitor comment about some difficulties he faces over shot selection and execution. Namely, Taking shots they aren’t 100% committed to. Consciously missing shots by thinking about missing vs thinking about making. Being stuck in a rut of not stepping back and analyzing the […]

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Snooker Success Principles and Shot Selection – Part 1

I’m starting this blog post in response to a visitor’s comments concerning shot selection and committing to shots they aren’t completely prepared for.  You can see those comments on the previous blog post, A Snooker Player Life Cycle, here (scroll to the bottom to see the comments). The main concerns, the commentor had were: Taking shots they aren’t […]

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Do you have a problem with your Cue Action or Mechanics?

Are you wondering if your cue action, stance, or general mechanics are causing you to miss shots? Congratulations!  You aren’t alone! I think it’s quite common for players to question their mechanics when they miss a shot. For the lucky few that have a certified coach or knowledgeable adviser with them, they get the correct answer right away. […]